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2020: Where Hindsight Meets Foresight

By Michela O'Connor Abrams

Every year we have a chance to look back on our lives and decide what we learned, what we want to do more and what we hope to leave behind. 2020 as a number gives us the perfect context to harness hindsight and foresight as one — using that rearview mirror as a lens for the clear vision and intention we have for the coming year and the decade ahead.

Striking a healthy balance between what we have done and what we want to do is vital. At MOCA+, Shelley and I just wrapped our first full year as business partners — a year that offers ever more certainty about how we want to move forward.

More clients as partners, not adjunct roles on teams.

More content from our Design Insights Forum with greater frequency so the wealth of knowledge we gain from this powerful panel is shared consistently.

More experiences with our network of amazing colleagues around topics we care about — see our Collective Conscience Salon Series!

More time building upon our collective experience with companies who understand the value of design thinking in every aspect of their business.

MOCA+ is a partnership for all time. We have a clear vision of our value, our contribution and our responsibility. We have had such good fortune as an advisory practice and we hope you share our optimism for the future.

When design is at your core, everything is possible.

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