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Michela O'Connor Abrams


“For better or worse everything is connected which is why everything matters.”  - Bruce Mau 


Michela O'Connor Abrams is the Founder of MOCA+, a design and management advisory practice. She has built her career on intuition, emotional intelligence and a keen sense of seeing things not for what they are, but for what they could be. As designer and innovator Bruce Mau’s quote illustrates, Michela has connected every step of her journey by building on each chapter of her career.  With a BS in Journalism her focus on good content is as foundational to her client’s success as good design. In executive and CEO roles, she’s grown tech media and design companies that include Ziff-Davis, IDG, Business 2.0 and Dwell. 


Michela grew these brands on multiple platforms before traditional publishers accepted their role as content creators across all media. At Business 2.0 and Dwell, she created brand credibility, awareness and value for millions of consumers each year.  Because service to others is paramount to her personal goals, Michela serves on boards across industries, including non-profits, preschools, design start-ups, and her alma mater, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


MOCA+ is the culmination of her work and her network of influencers  around the globe. The three pillars of the MOCA+ brand (research, content and consulting) have given her clients the guidance, leadership and sustainable value needed to achieve their goals.  When she is not speaking at conferences and events, Michela works on her passion, creating an equitable housing solution for those unable to afford the opportunity.

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