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Making Sense of 2020

Perhaps the best that can be said of 2020 is that we have, indeed, been living in “interesting times.” Inarguably, the COVID 19 pandemic has had and continues to have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of life worldwide.

For over a decade, the Design Insights Forum, has helped shine a light on the way forward and drive discourse for myriad industries and institutions. This body of buyers and bellwethers has been at the forefront of trends and shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors.

In 2020, a decade’s worth of longitudinal research has been delving into the COVID pandemic’s effect on daily life and the outlook for the future, short-term, permanent and potential positive outcomes of the pandemic.

In this year end post, we want to share key findings to help make sense of 2020 and identify the opportunities for new products, new markets, and new strategies for a, hopefully, happier, and more prosperous 2021.

Meanwhile, we will be moving forward with ongoing, timely, and actionable studies incorporating your input. You can reach us at