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When we tap into the hearts and minds of the most design-minded leaders, we

find out much more about our future. Sharing A Decade of Influence with our

Collective Conscience Community was the beginning of our quest to share a

great deal more through our insights and storytelling. My friend and colleague

Amanda Dameron has been a part of the journey and her interview last night

brought to light the reasons, the methods and the outcomes for Design Insights

Forum. As you navigate the data thrown at you as if it were perfect in its form

and message, keep in mind that the “why” not the “what” will tell you more about

the source, its intention and its context. Tapping 13 million heads of household

who plan to spend in excess of $300 billion and who self identify as “design

thinkers” is powerful and will always be the foundation of our insights. Enjoy!

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