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When a Modern Gem is the Canvas

By Michela O'Connor Abrams

Working with Monogram over the years has meant evolving the brand for the most design minded consumers and design pros. The question a few years ago was, “how do we tell our customers and the customers we want to attract, that we are the luxury brand on every level?” It has been nothing short of design thinking in action. We focused on the person who loves good design inside and out: the chef—personally and professionally—who expects a brand to understand what they need and why they need it. In the latest Design Insights Forum study, Design Affluents reported a sense of confidence overall. 77 percent stated that people often ask them for advice (DIF, 2019).

Kirk Douglas Estate Kitchen Before Remodel

In 2018 MOCA+ secured the Kirk Douglas Estate in Palm Springs, owned by a couple for whom design is at the center of everything they do. Our goal was to work with Monogram and the owners to preserve the design of the Donald Wexler gem while updating the design and technology of the kitchen. Entertainers personified, this kitchen is the hub for family and friends to gather and cook together. During PSMW 2019 we hosted a stellar panel of design experts from Trina Turk to James Tyler and set up a small working kitchen in the garden to give everyone “a taste” of what was to come.

PSMW 2020 will be the great unveiling of the new kitchen complete with Monogram’s 2020 Statement Collection. Two intimate dinners (tickets here) and one day of tours (here) will showcase how design matters to this family as much as it does to Monogram and to us at MOCA+.

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