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Whatever Gets You Through The Night

An Election Eve Menu from Chef Drew Schultz, 

Founder of Clover Valley Culinary and Collective Conscience MVP!

In good times and bad, food and drink among friends and family seem to make the World a more palatable place. Whichever side you lean toward, we’ve put together a fun and insightful menu of drink, savory snacks and sweet desserts. Reflecting upon this Election Night gave us an opportunity to dig back into the roots of America and come full circle with a humorous twist of today. We hope you’ll enjoy along with us as we create a Collective Conscience through the spirit of community and the wonderful flavors we share. 

Chef Drew Schultz

Founder – Clover Valley Culinary

Check out Chef Drew's recipes for a George Washington Old Fashioned, Sleepy Joe's, and Red is the New Orange Persimmon Cookies on our Instagram @mocaplussf!

RSVP for our Monday night salon featuring Chef Drew Schultz and Chef Rachelle on theme for Election Eve under the Events tab.

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