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The Stahl House—As You've Never Seen It

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Last weekend in the Hollywood Hills, The Stahl House was aglow for a rare and special event: the launch party for its eponymous book, The Stahl House: Case Study House #22 -- The Making of a Modernist Icon.

Researched and written by MOCA+ Content Director Kim Cross with coauthors Shari Stahl Gronwald and Bruce Stahl, the book is the official biography of Case Study House #22, designed by Pierre Koenig and immortalized in a 1960 photograph by Julius Shulman.

The book, published by Chronicle Chroma, includes more than 100 never-before-published photographs and historical documents from the Stahl family archives, curated by Shari and Bruce. The siblings grew up in the Stahl House and remain its stewards, opening their home for tours to 7,000 visitors a year.