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The Voice of a Brand

Updated: May 30, 2021

By Michela O’Connor Abrams

When did we move from transaction-based consumerism to brand ambassadors or brand critics? It used to be that consumers only wanted to know the facts. How much does a product cost? How long will it last? Is there a warranty? Today, consumers are looking for a relationship with a brand that transcends these practical questions. They are changing what matters to them, and this has become especially pronounced during the pandemic. It’s not about the badge (the brand emblem). It’s all about what is behind the brand...the people, the ethical practices, the sustainable policies, the social responsibility scores, and much more. (See, The End of the Status Symbol) Our Design Insights Forum consistently points to the desire on the part of the most affluent, design savvy consumer, to have a relationship with a brand in order to buy goods or services from them.

Because so much of the way we shop is through digital experiences (transactions), consumers now crave a human connection with the brands they buy. For this reason, brands need to connect with their buyers in a deeper way...

Technology has democratized the role of the consumer. For better or worse, every consumer considers that they are in charge of a brand’s reputation by their reviews, th