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The Long and Short of It

Most of us can handle bad news, tough roads, setbacks, and life-altering events, but the battle we face today is different for everyone and all of us. Millions of people are expressing ourselves like never before. The trained journalists, the day-bloggers, the musicians and artists we know and more we are discovering. The first responders who quite literally are putting their lives on the line. The gravity of it all is almost too much to bear. And yet, if we choose to observe key aspects of the human condition through a positive lens - even for a moment each day - we can and will conquer this faceless pandemic.

At MOCA+ , our work is grounded in connections by design - our networks, our research and insights, our clients and our events. While these are not always inextricably linked, they are not (by design) mutually exclusive. Our best work always starts with our intuition. Our best clients are those who understand that true vision is seeing things not for what they are but for what they could be. We use design thinking to arrive at solutions with and for our clients. So, if our client was the global team gathered to end this pandemic, we would use data, not politics, to calibrate our success. We would yield the battle plan to the scientists. And, we would gather the “good” – not in an effort to gloss over the tragedy, but rather to give hope and a path forward for everyone who believes in a better world when we emerge from this – by design.

Michela O'Conor Abrams is the Founder of MOCA+

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