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Let’s All Take Five

The Design Insights Forum is a powerful barometer of today’s affluent design thinking consumer.  These buyers and bellwethers are also influenced and impacted by current events as we all are.  Having tracked this segment of the population for over a decade, we have had the opportunity to gain a perspective that gives the projectable data a context only possible because of our ongoing insights.

We have a new feature to DIF we’re very excited about called Take Five.  This snapshot of our DIF panel covers topics more relevant than ever....the economy, COVID, travel, food sources, and more.  Our first Take Five tells us that while travel and entertainment will take significant hits this year, planned spending is strong in other major categories including outdoor spaces, home improvements, and consumer electronics. We want to give you a lens into the hearts and minds of this highly influential group.  Please let us know if you have any questions and tell us what other topics you would like to see us study!

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