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I Feel Bad About My Neck – Facing Ourselves in an Era of Zoom

Long before that fateful morning when I looked in the mirror and stared in shock at the transformation of my neck from gazelle to gullet, Nora Ephron’s razor-sharp 2008 book,

I Feel Bad About My Neck and other Thoughts on Being a Woman, had landed like a slap, slicing through the unforgiving onslaught of beauty ideals to the crux of it all: our lack of control as we march our way up the ladder is best embraced with laughter through the tears.

Truer words have never been spoken in this era of Zoom as we beam into each other’s home offices, living rooms, garages and, yes, bedrooms – craving a more personal connection in this warped new reality when, maybe, the phone would do. If the mandate in the outside world is #sixfeetapart, and crossing the street when we see one another is the new social order, the need