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Connecting by Design: The Key Ingredients

The best chefs in the world search for the finest ingredients, using their collective senses to gather the best the season has to offer. Then the magic happens. These key ingredients are fused to create an incomparable chemistry for the palate. You might say the connections are palpable.

I have always loved using culinary techniques and ingredients as a metaphor for life...not just because I love to cook and create new experiences – but nothing feels more clear or true for an approach to life, especially now.

In so many ways and for so many reasons, the land, the sea, the sky and, yes, even our fellow man and creatures large and small are life’s key ingredients. This is nothing new – but how we use or abuse this largess is the difference between success and failure as a society. It’s not a stretch when you think of the “silver lining” from this pandemic. The land is resting, the skies are clearer, the animals are reappearing, friends and family and our health (mentally and physically) are the focus, and the reasons we can never go back to the “recipes” of the past.

Last night at our fourth Collective Conscience Salon, Chef Rachelle Boucher offered her personal story through the lens and the art of food. Her beginnings, her struggles, her grit and even her pivots (five of which she shared). This sheer determination – giving of herself through her craft and sharing the magic of what it means to be resilient with everyone who will listen – is the essential ingredient we need to create the perfect menu for our future. You might say that when we turn our attention to the finest of life’s ingredients, and connect them by design, we will have a feast for all.

Michela Abrams, Founder of MOCA+

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