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An Ode to Joy

When we have the chance to host a titan of an industry, the opportunity is much greater than the exploration of their accomplishments in their field or with their company. Having a Collective Conscience discussion with Joy Sterling, CEO of Iron Horse Vineyards was the perfect example. Having known Joy for over a decade, I knew she would light up the room - the Zoom room that is - and give everyone a great deal to think about as they sipped Iron Horse Rainbow Cuvee.

So elegantly, and with complete humility of spirit, Joy told us about her teenage years in Paris, her ABC News career, her world travels and her ambassadorial role with her family business for 20 years before taking the reins as Iron Vineyards CEO. It is hard to choose my favorite vignette from our hour together but it might be her solo dinner at The Four Seasons restaurant in New York when Chef Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) walked by her table accompanied by the Dali Lama.

The gratitude she exudes while sipping her bubbles, only made us want to hear more about her work beyond the vineyards – you know, small side projects like leading a task force for Internet Equality and broadband access for all, or protecting our ocean ecology by partnering with the National Geographic Society.

It is so easy to celebrate leaders like Joy and it was music to my ears when she said, “you have got something really great here”...the ultimate compliment for Collective Conscience and our weekly salons. Merci Beaucoup, Madame Joy!

Michela O'Connor Abrams is Founder of MOCA+

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