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Liz's Picks: Berries, Baby!

Last week on the Collective Conscience Salon, I mentioned it’s good to buy fruit when it’s in season and at its best. Now is the time to get your berries. Black, blue, boysenberries, or strawberries are all being harvested in our area right now. Although we don’t grow them, our fellow farmers do. Check your local farmer’s markets and grocery stores for California-produced berries. (Don’t hesitate to ask your produce manager at your grocery store where the produce is coming from. It’s important for them to know you care!)

I urge you to buy plenty of fresh fruit while it’s in season and often cheaper and freeze it for use later. Most fresh fruits freeze well, especially berries. Simply place the clamshell of berries into a food storage bag, squeeze out any air and seal. (Don’t wash them first. Leave them in the original clamshell packaging.) Stack them in your freezer and they are ready to go when you want fresh berries during the dead of winter! Even strawberries can be frozen, although they may change in texture a bit. They are still great for that smoothie in January when you long for that taste of summer!

Here’s one of my “go-to” recipes for blueberries. It gets lots of compliments! Have a peachy day! Liz

Liz, her husband Earl, their grown children and their families make up Hudson Farms, a fifth-and sixth-generation family farm in Sanger, CA.

Lemon Blueberry Tea Bread Recipe
Download PDF • 100KB

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