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Guest Post: Where Do We Go From Here?

I am honored to have time with you Monday on Collective Conscience to explore the challenges and opportunities we are now collectively confronting. Who could have imagined the massive changes that are unfolding and, in some cases, exploding all around us? This moment represents a unique opportunity to unlock many of the seemingly permanent roadblocks and barriers that have been preventing progress for decades. I am hopeful you will share my inspiration and optimism.

I would like to talk about two of the MC24 principles this week. First, "We are not separate from or above nature."

This idea represents a Copernican revolution in our understanding of our place in the universe. It leads us to an entirely different way of thinking and working that we call Life Centered Design, a new way of imagining everything we do.

From there we'll move to "Design the new normal." A phrase that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. However, I think most fail to understand the inertial power of norms. When we think about designing the new normal, we are changing the remit of design, from visual to behavioral. From object to system. From the special case to the everyday. I think this will make for a lively discussion.

I am looking forward to our conversation again on Monday. — Bruce

Bruce Mau is the Co-Founder of the Massive Change Network and author of MC24, out now from Phaidon

Bruce Mau is our Collective Conscience Salon guest this Monday evening. We hope you will join us! Email for the Zoom details.

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