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Witness the Now

As a 21 year old college student, I am always on the move. Constantly looking to the next class, the next grade, the next job, the next apartment - but what about the present? I am so used to being focused on “the next thing” yet I now find myself forced to face my present.

We buy blackout shades so that our alarm clocks have the responsibility to wake us up, and somehow forget that people used to wake up when the sun rose around 6 in the morning. We hear a B B B B at one second intervals, until restlessly clicking the “snooze” button - as we all wish we could do with our responsibilities sometimes. We drag ourselves out of bed, foggy and start the day, always working towards the future.

But what if we changed that?

This morning I witnessed the darkness of the morning, drove up to the mountain, and stood in silence as the sun rose. This is my present and, while I have the time, I am going to take advantage of the many things we lose sight of ignoring the now.

Taylor Abrams is a college senior and the proud daughter of Michela O'Connor Abrams

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