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The #PowerofVideo to Keep Us Connected

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We live in an era of hyper connectedness, yet never have our connections posed a significant threat to our own health and the health of those around us —a challenge we could never have foreseen or imagined.

Video is an extremely powerful tool. It didn’t take a global pandemic to establish its importance or ubiquity in society. But in the last couple of weeks, people have started to use video in ways they never have. A month ago using the words “Zoom” and “Happy Hour” in the same sentence seemed counterintuitive. Now Yo-Yo Ma graces the world daily on Instagram Live with a song that helps carry him through his day. On Monday evening MOCA+ held our first virtual Collective Conscience Salon with Amanda Dameron, Head of Content at TasteMade. In just a few short weeks she has harnessed the power of TasteMade’s content to offer more utility, community, and giving, understanding that adaptability is key to the success of the platform. The power of video is endless and in this new reality people are pushing the bounds of how we use it.

Online schooling isn’t new, but migrating in-person schooling —from the kindergarten level to university— online is a feat that months ago many would have doubted. It’s as if we imposed restrictions on our tools, thinking to ourselves: we couldn’t possibly do that. In the confines of our circumstance, we’ve had to break through our self-imposed constraints and do exactly what we doubted we could. Despite wondering for years why we lack news programming on positive news, John Krasinski never imagined becoming the host of such a newscast. But here we are, thank you #SomeGoodNews. The #PowerofVideo is facilitating humans to push through their own self-doubt and broadcast it, creating a domino effect of self-exploration.

Video connects us with distant places, people, and ideas. The #PowerofVideo has always been evident, but now more than ever, we’re discovering that its power is limitless. Pushing not only what we conceived to be the limits of video, but pushing ourselves to go beyond our own doubts.

Ellis Hurtado is a contributor to MOCA+

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