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Spiritual Courage — Choosing Growth in Uncertain Times

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

On one of the last “normal,” pre-COVID days in San Francisco, I attended a yoga class at Grace Cathedral where nearly 500 people gathered on a Tuesday night. We sat inches apart, mat to mat, clad in our yoga clothes, most of us strangers to each other. The pews had been removed that day due to a film event, so it was a rare evening, the dean told us. I’d been hearing about this yoga class for years so everything about it seemed special.

An old friend had invited me, and we were excited to see each other and catch up. After yoga, we planned to grab a bite down the block where we’d have our choice of restaurants, all busy, all open, ready to serve us. Like old times.

We’d gather and connect, go home, go to work, then do it again. Gathering was our ritual and our instinct.

That was our daily life. We knew no other.

Before driving into the city, I’d been on a work call with a colleague. I told him I had a hard stop because I needed to get to Grace Cathedral. He was planning on attending the yoga class too. I was stunned. We discussed financing, technology, not matters of the spirit, but I was oddly delighted to share this with him and my friend. It felt safe to show up and practice together.