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It's Always Personal

By Michela O'Connor Abrams

As more and more of us gravitate toward meaningful experiences over “things” for the holidays, we are ever more likely to carry that sentiment throughout the year. From Design Insights Forum studies, we know that while people crave connection over isolation, they also want to be known as an individual – not one of many in a category to be targeted because of where they fall in a predetermined spectrum. They are confident in themselves and in their keen eye for good design.

While Influencers have been important for time eternal, they have never been so identifiable and in such quantity. But is that making a demonstrable difference to the positive? We know that influencer marketing (finding the “right” people and selling them) is a real thing. We also know that the jury is out on its effectiveness. Brands that use influencers in place of instruments that allow them to get to know - really know - their customer, are always disappointed. MOCA+ is in business because we know how - through design thinking - to create content and experiences that speak directly to the person with whom a brand wants to engage.

Our client work has proven that we can make each person reached feel they are the only person who matters to that brand. No one wants to be targeted but everyone wants to matter because, in the end, it’s always personal.

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