Think It Yourself is the New Paradigm, Yet Collaboration Remains Key

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

While a majority of the most affluent, design-centric consumers really want to work with design pros, the use of digital tools as a significant resource – the Think It Yourself mentality –  is on the rise, meaning true collaboration must be about fostering a connection beyond the click.

Harnessing the power of collective thinking is our mission at MOCA+.

I’m just back from delivering a highly productive CEU session at the Merchandise Mart last week for 125 designers and architects – where the new insights shared from our latest Design Insights Forum for Digital by Designemphasized the importance of clearing obstacles toward connection..


1. 89% will pay more for products that reflect their style and sense of design

2. 87% hired a design pro for their last project and want to do so for the upcoming projects

3. 84% go to design magazine websites for their ideas

4. 76% will go to online retail stores for purchases


5. 44% believe they will not be able to find a good designer who listens and wants to genuinely collaborate

6. 25% are not sure what business model works best (i.e. time and materials, hourly, etc)

Subscription Model

It’s clear that the affluent want a closer relationship with their design pro partners:  38% are interested in a subscription model. This was perhaps the most surprising and interesting fact, because no one in the audience had yet entertained it.  MOCA+ is now working with several

interested attendees to craft a subscription model for their businesses. We were delighted to find that these newest insights align with the way we think.

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