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Design Your Life

How fun it was this week to join MOCA+, as a guest on their Monday evening Collective Conscience Salon Series. Their focus:  ‘connecting by design’  and bringing people together who care about conscious connection. When we were prepping for the session I remarked that the tagline on my website is Design Your Life. It too is about conscious connection, in being purposeful about living in integrity with one’s purpose and passion – about life design really. 

We spoke about Magic in the Mundane: Making Life’s Ordinary Extraordinary and how prescient it was for the times. I wrote a series of 70 essays, about being present to life’s little things – the mundane, and finding magic in them that when strung together, connect the dots, to creating an amazing life.  

As I was reflecting on the evening I once again came back to a core tenet of mine that we are all responsible for our choices and in that word – a choice’ we create the alchemy for our lives. Choices are the m