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All in Good Time

This week our Collective Conscience guest was colleague and friend Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-large and creator of Kcymaerxthaere — an alternate universe that co-exists to some degree with our own.

While I have known Eames for twenty plus years, I only learned of this alternative universe last year. Puzzled by this global endeavor to connect places, people and events in one enormous story, I dove in trying to decipher what it meant and why it was important.

I am still in the discovery phase but completely captivated by it on so many levels.

In the midst of global turmoil, I am finding it calming — not in a mind-numbing way but in a way that gives me a fresh look at the world through the lens of the most intensely interesting story I have followed. Graciously, Eames has agreed to stay with us for at least two more salons. If you are open to seeing the world with fresh eyes and even understanding how he runs the Eames Office in addition to this 142 (and counting) country phenomenon...join us August 24th!

Michela O'Connor Abrams is Founder of MOCA+

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