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Bruce Mau
Julia Cosgrove
Karen Wickre
She has been called “the best-connected Silicon Valley figure you’ve never heard of.” She has worked for 30 years in technology businesses as a writer, editor, and communications pro, including long stints at Google and Twitter. Her long-time avocation is to connect people, which is what led her to write a book detailing ways to build an authentic personal network.
Rachelle Boucher
Chef Rachelle Boucher brings "kitchens to life" as an adventurous private chef and nationally recognized cooking appliance expert, brand evangelist and educator specializing in creating immersive experiences and training programs for sustainable foods and culinary technology. She recently launched "Kitchens to Life" to share her love for the environment and her passion for the kitchen electrification movement for happier and healthier homes and a sustainable future.
Chip Conley
Stevie Lee
Liz & Earl Hudson
Joy Sterling
Joy Sterling represents the second generation at Iron Horse Vineyards, in Sebastopol, CA. She is
the CEO of the winery and a member of the California State Food & Agriculture Board, appointed by the Governor. She chairs the California Democratic Party Rural Caucus, co-chairs the CDP Legislation Committee, is a member of the California Broadband Council Advisory Task
Force and serves on the Board of Expert Advisors for the California Emerging Technology Fund.
Betsy Burroughs
Anthea Stratigos
Holly Payne
Nancy Davis Kho
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